Perverse, released in 1993, was the third studio album by Jesus Jones.

Singles from the album were “The Devil You Know”, “The Right Decision” and “Zeroes and Ones”. “The Devil You Know” reached number 1 on the Modern Rock chart in the U.S., while “Zeroes and Ones” reached number 30 in the UK charts.

Track Listing

Zeroes and Ones – 3:24
The Devil You Know – 4:31
Get a Good Thing – 3:23
From Love to War – 3:49
Yellow Brown – 3:23
Magazine – 2:46
The Right Decision – 3:36
Your Crusade – 3:30
Don’t Believe It – 3:45
Tongue Tied – 3:16
Spiral – 4:30
Idiot Stare – 5:10

All songs written by Mike Edwards


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